Daou Pittaya Saechua (LAZ1) (1998)

Daou Pittaya Saechua (LAZ1) (1998) (1998)

Other Name: ต้าห์อู๋ พิทยา แซ่ฉั่ว 蔡有福 Cai You Fu

Pittaya Saechua, nicknamed Daou or Ou, is a Thai singer of Teochew Chinese descent. Signed under Channel One31, he is a member of the boy group LAZ1.

In 2021, Daou was revealed as a contestant on one31’s survival show LAZ iCON. During the show’s finale, he ranked 1st overall with 3,969,473 votes, landing his place in the group LAZ1.

On April 7, 2022, he made his debut in LAZ1 with the release of their debut digital single “Taste Me”.

In October of 2022, Daou announced that he had been drafted in the military beginning that November.

Age: 26

Birthday: January 17, 1998

Place Birth: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

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